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Khalid Daoud

VP Business Development

A corporate executive as well as an entrepreneur, Khalid throughout his career has sought to identify and target specific companies and work strategically with these international organizations to bring their products and or services to the MENA region. They have spanned a number of industries that have included alternative energy, commodity trading, security and surveillance, broadcast and media, ICT technology, medical devices, to name a few. In and through those successes other opportunities were uncovered which led to the expanding of his role into other markets which included Europe, South America, and China.

He has created the strategy and business development approaches in conjunction with his company’s overall marketing, PR, and social media efforts.   In his dealings over the years Khalid has been fortunate to work with an international network of diverse and influential individuals and groups who are involved in the government as well as the corporate and private sectors. Over his career he has served on a number of boards and speaks Arabic as well as English. Khalid attended the University Of Cincinnati and lives in Cincinnati Ohio with his wife and children.

Our Effort

Open Therapeutics is a major backer of open science and open access efforts.

Open Therapeutics freely provides to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) scientists, or another other seriously interested persons, intellectual properties (patents, etc.), grant funding, lab equipment, document development tools, and preprint server in a collaboration platform (Therapoid™).

When the researchers advance the intellectual properties, s/he gains ScienceCoins™; a blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

Please read our Open Therapeutics’ company whitepaper.