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Announcing Proteome Antibiotics, a Joint Venture

Bacmine and Open Therapeutics (Cincinnati, US) have signed license agreements to develop and commercialize technology generated by Bacmine to identify and characterize essential bacterial proteins as novel targets for antibiotics.

This discovery platform constructs large libraries of recombinant, single-domain antibodies using whole proteomes from pathogens as antigens. The outcome of the screening of these libraries through proprietary methods is a list of essential proteins, with their functionally essential epitopes characterized by the interaction with the antibody. The antibody-protein complex can be isolated and solved by physical and enzymatic methods, to reveal those protein surfaces that are essential for function, and provide information that streamlines the de novo design of antibiotics or the screening of combinatorial libraries of soluble molecules.


See Bacmine Release: click here.


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Open Therapeutics crowdsources orphan and dormant therapeutic intellectual properties (IP) to scientists around the world. The goal is advancing research that ordinarily has not generated a public value or been recognized. This approach particularly helps underserved scientists to collaborate with their more financially capable colleagues.

How open science helps researchers succeed:

Open access, open data, open source, and other open scholarship practices are growing in popularity and necessity. However, widespread adoption of these practices has not yet been achieved. One reason is that researchers are uncertain about how sharing their work will affect their careers.

The review of the literature demonstrates that open science is associated with increases in citations, media attention, potential collaborators, job opportunities, and funding opportunities. These findings are evidence that open science practices bring significant benefits to researchers relative to more traditional closed practices.

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