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Proteome Bio™

Discovery of essential proteins using a heavy chain, single polypeptide mini-antibody platform provided by Madrid, Spain-based Bacmine SL, and its Innovators, Pablo Pomposiello, PhD, and Victor de Lorenzo, PhD. Open Therapeutics will freely provide the global community with the essential proteins that pathogens (disease causing organisms) and cancer cells require to survive.  By characterizing essential proteins, the global community can collaboratively develop antibiotics to target the cells.  In addition to the first release of E. coli essential proteins, Drs. Pomposiello, Su, Guo, and Cripe are working toward discovering and freely providing additional essential proteins to the global science community.

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How open science helps researchers succeed

Open access, open data, open source, and other open scholarship practices are growing in popularity and necessity. However, widespread adoption of these practices has not yet been achieved. One reason is that researchers are uncertain about how sharing their work will affect their careers. We review literature demonstrating that open research is associated with increases in citations, media attention, potential collaborators, job opportunities, and funding opportunities. These findings are evidence that open research practices bring significant benefits to researchers relative to more traditional closed practices.