• We are open source synthetic biology.
    Using an open synthetic biology platform model, we rapidly prototype BactoBots and ViruBots. These applications make up our MicrobialBot portfolio. These applications are available to industry experts.

    Theses same platforms are available to responsible and capable researchers via Global SynBio and Open Therapeutics collaborative endeavors.
  • What We Do.
    Our open source synthetic biology platforms mimic natural selection. This biomimicry approach enables us to leverage millions of years of "prototyping" by natural selection. This speeds us forward in our areas of expertise: water, foods, fuels, chemicals, therapeutics, and materials.
  • Genetics Rights Management (GeRM™)
    Each MicrobialBot strain can be developed with its own unique genetics rights management (GeRM™) consumable key system. The GeRM™ system is similar to digital rights management, which is used by the software industry to protect its digital assets. GeRM™ enables us to ship our products via synthetic biology knowledge and consumable keys, instead of genetically modified organisms (GMO). In addition to protecting MicrobialBots against theft and environmental release, the GeRM™ system enables an economic development platform for creating home-grown synthetic biology industries.

    For more information about the GeRM™ value proposition, please visit our GeRM™ page.

Open Therapeutics is a global biotechnology firm with a presence in China, Europe, India, and the USA.  We develop and attract synthetic biology-based technologies.

In mid-2016 we are opening and making freely available to the global scientific community our biopharmaceutical platform technologies via the Open Therapeutics™ crowd-sourcing web portal.

Open Therapeutics is an agnostic web portal service that reduces the cost and risk of developing and deploying therapeutics. By stimulating an economies of scale model and micro-pharma indigenous industries, the global population should experience lower prices and greater availability of life-saving drugs.  While crowd-sourcing scientists around open biopharma technologies designed to enhance health, we collect and enhance important research, clinical, and interactive data.

Current technologies available are genetically-enhanced bacteria (BactoBots™), viruses (ViruBots™), and Proteome Antibiotics™.

Our MicrobialBots (BactoBots and ViruBots) can induce biomarker expression by cancer cells, kill cancer cells, clean water, produce chemicals, and build materials. MicrobialBots can be protected by a Genetics Rights Management (GeRM™) consumable powder system. Instead of shipping genetically modified organisms (GMO) across borders, GeRM enables local MicrobialBot manufacturing and distribution.

We also have an proteome platform to enable the discovery of essential proteins as potential antibiotic (Proteome Antibiotics) and anticancer candidate targets.

The Proteome Antibiotics platform is a joint effort of Open Therapeutics and Bacmine SL. Initially, this platform is focused on finding essential proteins required for pathogen survival. Researchers can target these essential proteins to develop therapeutic agents that will kill the pathogens. This includes even antibiotic resistant organisms. Our efforts include locating potential antibiotic targets for methicillin-resistant MRSA and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB).

If you are an Innovator or Organization with intellectual property (IP) not being out-licensed, contact us today. Together, we can generate publications and proliferate science.